Upscale + Sophisticated + Boutique Luxury Suites

Z Luxe Suites doesn’t settle. High quality interior design, beauty providers and state of the art amenities.

Break Away from Traditional

Keep all of your profit, choose your clients and build a product list you believe in.

Modern Design, High End Hardware

Z Luxe Suites provides the state of the art tools and facilities you need to get started with your craft

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.


Creatives and Artist are what make the world a beautiful and amazing place to live in. Z Luxe Suites is a highly supportive community for beauty providers and those who are driven to serve their clientele in a luxury style independent business environment. Enjoying the art of therapeutic healing, hair styling, skin treating, nail glamouring and wellness places one in a luxury state of mind.

Z Luxe Suites provides a more affordable luxury environment for creatives and professionals to promote their business through an established platform, create their brand, build on their brand and provide their passion to the world in their way. Your private suite and your brand is the pathway into your successful future. We are here to provide a supportive environment to see your passion through.

future service providers

Calling All Beauty Providers!

Start your venture of entrepreneurship by running your salon business your way. We offer the tools you’ll need and a space you will love. Z Luxe Suites is filled with a supportive community of creators who are achieving the vision and dream of independence. Private Salon Suites for Rent Available Now!


A Day of Pampering is All You Need!

Z Luxe Suites celebrates the beauty of wellness and well-being. We cultivate a community of nail techs, hair stylists, make up artists, massage therapists and more, all of whom are Masters in their field and share the vision of giving you the most luxurious and relaxing environment to ease into. Enjoy our modern space, amenities and the wonderful convenience of all this under one roof. 

Seeing is Believing

Don’t settle for an experience that will leave you wanting more. Set the bar high and enjoy the luxurious feel that matches you.

Fast Wifi

Never be distracted from what is important by something like slow wifi connection. Z Luxe Suites offers the fastest Wifi so you can focus on you.

State of the Art Tools

Work with the best tools the industry has to offer to get the best results, every time. 

Black, White, Gold and Glam

You don’t settle on beauty and neither did we. Our space is created by the best interior designers and you won’t have a doubt about it when you step foot in here.


Express Yourself

All providers have their own personality, and we give you the space you need to express it. Design Your space your way.

Bring a Friend

With fourteen spaces, we have plenty of providers to give all the services you could need. 

Centrally Located

Not all of the Z Luxe Suites Benefits are within the building. We are in the heart of it all. Food, shops, entertainment and more surrounds the building. After a day of pampering, go out and show out.

I am here for you!

Nice to Meet You!

“Thank you for considering Z Luxe Suites as the home for your business. This establishment was created with you in mind. Our goal is to provide an avenue for entrepreneurs in the beauty industry to enjoy their journey and create a household name while we provide the tools you need to succeed. A place where your clientele can receive their  service in a luxury environment without the extreme overhead cost to you the beauty professional.”


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